Rabu, 7 Disember 2011

Only You...


Ya Allah sebak gila rasanya bila dengar muzik ni. Dah 2 malam aku layan muzik ni. Tak jemu2 aku mendengarnya sampaikan aku tertidur gitu je bersama alunan muzik ni.

Yes..This song totally remind me to someone. All the memories come back to me. Someone who really meant to me. And today, this morning..might be the last time i would see you...I don't know when i'll get a chance to see you again after this. But it's okay because today i felt happy and glad too..No more sadness to me. Just forget the horriblest things and stay strong and keep happy.

Yes..today, we all were happy. And i was happy too to see you smiled and laughed with others made some jokes. Thanks for everything especially for all your words, your advice and  your concerned to me. You make me happy and cheer even though this is only for a few month. I won't ever throw you out of my mind. You're the best person i ever known.

Well..we'll be happy when we see our beloved person always smile and happy with her/him life so that's called a true happiness for us. =)

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