Rabu, 14 Disember 2011

Tumblr the best way to me let out of my feeling


I always thinking that Tumblr is the best way to describe all my feeling by words than blogger. Sometime i've no idea what i want to talk about even my thought have so many things, so many horrible things actually. And then, when i opened my tumblr, it was seeing a whole new group of people that have the same state of mind as mine. Sometime Tumblr shows all my negative thinking but that was awesome to figure out it !! Just to let my mind free =D

Someone had told me, asked me actually...why i was really want to talk to, to talk about,  to talk with someone....and i have no reason for it before. But now...i have the best reason why...just look at it.

I’ve realized between us both, I’m the one who’s trying to make conversations and keep in touch. I text you not because I’m bored, but because I’m thinking of you. I want us to talk like how we used to. But I guess if I’m no longer on your mind, I guess I should take you out of mine.

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